We've been coding web applications since 1997. Over the years we have developed an extensive code library. This code is usually reusable in new applications, shortening development time and decreasing development costs.

Our capabilities include:   Types of applications we have developed:
Active Server Pages (ASP)
ASP .net
Cold Fusion (CFM)
Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL
Flash Action Scripting
Real Estate MLS and IDX
Automotive Supply Chain Management
Online Supermarket Shopping
Ecommerce stores and management
Collaborative site editing/management
Online testing/scoring
Campus Housing Landlord/Tenant Systems
Online mortgage application/processing

Here's the best part: No matter what technology we use and no matter how sophisticated the system, we wrap everything into a user-friendly menu-driven interface so anybody can easily maintain your systems internally. Simply put, you save time and money by taking control of your business and lessening dependency on third parties.

Can we help you transform your business? Contact Sites & Sounds today, and let us show you how our interactive web applications can take your business to the next level.