Our approach to marketing web sites is different. Rather than building your site around what we think people are looking for, we build your site around what we know people are looking for.

Knowing how to effectively optimize a web site and generate traffic is often the difference between a web site succeeding and a web site failing.

A recent issue of Target Marketing Magazine illustrated the "Top Ways Websites Are Discovered" ----

Banner Ads -- 1%
Targeted Email -- 1.2%
TV Spots -- 1.4%
By Accident -- 2.1%
Magazine Ads -- 4.4%
Word-of-Mouth -- 18%
Random Surfing -- 17%
Search Engines -- a whopping 51%

By using Search Engines, you can increase your chances of making sales and gaining exposure by as much as 51%!

We study Internet data and trends and know how to put your products or services directly in front of Internet users. Using this data our marketing experts develop an optimized site structure and layout right from the start, ensuring that every page of your site acts as a magnet to attract targeted site visitors. Why have just one entrance point to your site when every page of your site can draw traffic?

We cannot overstress the value of this approach. In fact, web marketing is so crucial to your business success that we built an entire web site about it. Opportunity Clicks, our exclusive online marketing program, drives in consistently increasing traffic to your web site month after month.

We're experts at:

Google AdWords
Google AdSense
Yahoo! Search
Search Engine Optimization
Link Building
RSS Feed Implementation
Affiliate Marketing
Drop Shipping
Web Video Marketing
Flash E-Mail Marketing
Web Copy Writing (important: don't miss our page about web copywriting — there's more to know than meets the eye)

Our Internet veterans have old school marketing experience plus today's cutting edge online marketing know-how. Contact Sites & Sounds if you're ready for a web site that delivers real results.