Web Copywriting

If there's one marketing skill that trumps 'em all, it's writing good copy. The ability to do that is more valuable than getting web traffic, building websites, setting up shopping carts, or whatever else. In the end, the copywriter is King.

Good web copy has many benefits, but none more important than:

Motivating your visitor to take a specific action
Getting your web site found in the first place

Good copy must do both of these things. Miss the boat on either one and you wind up with a web page that's not as effective as it could be.

Writing copy for the web is a real skill. Do not skimp on your web copywriting budget — we cannot stress this enough.

If you are writing your copy yourself or using another party we'll give you some good tips to help you along the way. If you are using our writers we will:

Write copy that is fully optimized for good search engine placement
Prepare page descriptions (we call them the "ad" for your web site) that motivate users to click on your site when found in search results
Write copy using proven web copywriting guidelines — copy that is more likely to be read.
Write copy that motivates your visitors to action

Simply put, good web copywriters have excellent creative writing skills and an excellent command of search engine marketing. Both of these skills working in harmony make for a winning web site.

Need copy for your web site that really works? Put our copywriting experts to work for you. Contact Sites & Sounds today to learn more.