Kiosks come with many misconceptions. Many people think that kiosks require sophisticated software and programming, are made by kiosk specialists, and are expensive to develop.

Not true anymore!

The fact is, kiosks can be made using any combination of:

Desktop design software
DV Video
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Director
Ordinary web browser (running in "kiosk mode")
Other common design tools

The only thing that makes a kiosk a kiosk is the ability to manipulate the system with a touch screen-monitor. Kiosks can be driven by an inexpensive desktop computer, or even an ordinary DVD player with no computer required. Kiosks can also run on your company network, or even be Internet enabled for remote content updating. Some kiosks are simply stand alone touch-screen monitors, while others are placed directly within walls or elaborate kiosk stands or platforms.

Today's kiosk technology allows for limitless possibilities. Whatever the need is, Sites & Sounds does it all. Contact us for a free estimate.

Below we present our latest kiosk for the City of Rochester Hills Museum:

Rochester Hills Museum
Museum visitors experience the nostalgia of Rochester Hills' historic yesteryears with a touch screen photo tour kiosk at Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farms. The opening kiosk menu style and separate interior design style were created to integrate well with the historical look and feel found throughout the museum.

To accommodate the kiosk owner's request for an easily maintainable system, Sites & Sounds custom programmed the system from the ground up so it launches by simply turning on a standard Windows XP computer.

Kiosk in wall inside Museum

The custom-made kiosk software automatically loads and launches into a functioning full screen kiosk mode. Museum staff can easily reboot the computer via a wireless keyboard concealed inside a milla wall at the Museum.

Today's kiosk technology allows for virtually anything — if you can think of it we can probably create it. Contact Sites & Sounds today for a free estimate.

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