Greenscreen Video

Greenscreen video (also known as chromakey video) for the web has arrived! No longer is it necessary to shoot greenscreen video at expensive video production houses. In fact, greenscreening technology has gotten so good that our entire video studio is mobile — we can bring the studio right to you!

Greenscreening technology allows us to put our actors or yours seamlessly into your existing web site without having to change a single thing on your site. Or we can put the actor directly into a virtual million dollar studio set! Technology like this used to costs thousands of dollars and be time consuming to produce. Today it's easy and affordable!

The process works like this:

  1. Our technicians set up our portable studio at your location, or you're welcome to come to ours. One hour of setup and we're ready to roll.
  2. One way glass makes delivering your message into the camera easy.
    We load your script into our teleprompter so your talent won't forget his or her lines. Our one way teleprompter glass allows the talent to look directly into the camera lens while reading the script.
  3. We shoot several takes to ensure we get one that comes out just right.
  4. We then work the video directly into your web site or the virtual set of your choice. We can also blend the talent directly into an existing photograph or other graphic of your choice.

We utilize the Macromedia Flash format, allowing your video to be seen by nearly 100% of Internet users. The Flash format also allows us to add additional interactivity so your video can interact with other elements on your web page. This is great for online demonstrations, presentations, education, and more.

Below is an example below of how the same original greenscreen footage can be used with three different virtual sets:

You must have the new Flash Player 8 to view videos below.

Press play to see original greenscreen footage

Press play to see studio example 1

Press play to see studio example 2

Press play to see studio example 3

We have numerous existing sets from which to choose, or we can even model a brand new set from scratch according to your specifications! With greenscreen video the possibilities are endless.

Once we have combined the raw greenscreen footage with background of your choice (or no background at all!) we can then add animation, music, even secondary video clips into the scene. We can synchronize these clips to enhance your presentation. Below is an example of a completed scene:

Entire sequence shot on a greenscreen!

On the left below is an example of original greenscreen footage. On the right is an example of the same footage after being keyed and placed seamlessly onto the web site background. Click anywhere on the woman on the right to play the video.

Press play to see original greenscreen footage

Click anywhere on woman above
play footage with no background

The two scenes below demonstrate the same footage greenscreened onto to two ordinary vacation photos. Any photograph or 3-D rendering can be used as a backdrop with greenscreen video.

Castle background with virtual zoom

Airplane background with virtual talent shadow

As you can see, virtually anything is possible with greenscreen video. Whether you're interested in video for your web site, CD, or DVD, Sites & Sounds will work with you to make your creative ideas a reality.

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