Every DVD is unique. As most DVDs are made up of multiple video segments, the creative possiblities in DVD development are limitless. If you are interested in creating a custom DVD, Sites & Sounds has the qualified staff, knowledge, experience, and video hardware and software to bring your ideas to life.

Significant advances in video and DVD technology have brought high-quality, sophisticated authoring tools to today's desktop. This allows for video editing and DVD authoring that rivals that of large video studios at a cost that might surprise you. If you are interested in video for your web site, CD, or DVD project, contact Sites & Sounds today for a free estimate.

Below we present our latest DVD project, The History of NASCAR:

In cooperation with Biography Software Corporation, Sites & Sounds has developed a 12-DVD set titled "The History of NASCAR®".

Sites & Sounds was responsible for all video editing, graphic design, 3D modeling, DVD development and authoring processes necessary to complete the project. Sites & Sounds also created the printed disc labels for each DVD, the DVD covers, and the product packaging.

"The History of NASCAR®" DVD project required sophisticated authoring tools including Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, and several more common software applications. Special bonus disk features were also created using the DVD scripting language, including an extensive trivia quiz on all DVDs in the set. Personalized scoring and ranking of each viewer's NASCAR® knowledge is made possible through this scripting.

In addition to the 90 minute feature presentation, numerous menus and navigational screens were created for the 12 disc NASCAR® DVD set to give the product a professional look and feel throughout. These value-added features contribute to the

Click the four buttons above to see menus in motion.



marketability of the product, as opposed to simply running a continual video. The four buttons to the right will navigate you through examples of several menu scenes created by Sites & Sounds. Each menu runs 1 minute on the DVD and then loops. The samples here are approximately 15 seconds in length.


If you are interested in creating a DVD with today's advance technology at a fraction of yesterday's development costs, contact Sites & Sounds.